Eating out: Alpine Dairy in Lehern, Bavaria

Tradtional Bavarian Dinner

Michael and I wanted to take our new (but old) car out for ride tonite and though we would head for one of our favorite Bavarian Restaurants for dinner.
It’s a traditional style restaurant where you will only find homemade foods and actually their own homemade Bavarian Mountain Cheese. The “Käsealp” is situated in a small Alpes village called Lehern. In the summer you can sit outside, watch the cattle feeding and enjoy the great view of the Alpes. Just wonderful!

For those of you how love beer: they have a special brew on the tab that is very typical and special in that area.

One the menue they only have traditional Bavarian dishes (many of them have cheese as a main igredient) and I guarantee you that you won’t leave the table hungry.

Michael and I had a specialtx called “Käsespätzle” today. Spaetzle are a kind homemade pasta topped off with melted cheeses and caramelized onions. So good!!! I will share a recipe for you guys soon!

Dessert was a sweet pancake with ice cream, whipped cream and lemon curd filling. So yummy!

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