10 tips to get you through a healthy day

Hi there! I know it’s not easy to follow a healthy lifestyle all the time. But it’s also the little changes that count and pay off very well.

Today I would like to provide you with some essentials that will guide you through your day. I try to stick to them myself. I have to admit that it’s not always easy but as long as you stick to the routine you will do something great for well being and your body.

1. Drink enough water
This is the one that I struggle with sometimes…I have s super busy job and time flies by in the mornings and afternoons.
I have a full glas of water or a low cal alternative sitting next to me in the office (or right now writing this post). Try to drink at least 2-3 glasses in the morning and the same amount in the afternoon. When you add your drinks at lunch and dinner you will have a great fluid intake. And yes, your cup of coffee in the morning counts as well. But don’t go to die hard on the coffee as it will then dehydrate you.

2. Eat breakfast
Breakfast is really important as it literally breakes the overnight fast. Try to have a balanced breakfast including all three major nutrients: protein, fat, carbs. The calorie intake depends on how active you are but stick with 400-600 cal.

3. Pack healthy snacks
Prepare yourself 2-3 healthy snacks. That will prevent you from munching on these little devlish things like muffins, chocolate, candy bars, bagels…
My fiancé’s faves that I pack him right now are: handfull of trail mix, nuts, mixed with some pieces of dried fruit, little yoghurt (not that zero fat version but low fat/low sugar), different pieces of fruit, buttermilk, ayran or milk.

4. Get moving
Try to move as much around the office as possible. Take the stairs or even do a little walk after having lunch.

5. Chose your lunch carefully
I am so lucky to have the greatest canteen possible at work but it’s also a temptation every day…I have decided to order only little/ half portions of the lunches available and try to avoid starchy foods for lunch as they will make me sleepy afterwards.

2 comments to 10 tips to get you through a healthy day

  • Hi Michael! Thanks for your add on! Mental health is very important. See ya later! C

  • Dear Friends,

    it is also very important to do something for your mental healty each and every day! So do a little walk after lunch or read a little bit in an inspiring book.

    Best wishes

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