The Esskunst #CAKEFRIDAY Recipe Scrapbook Project

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Hi guys,

for this year I am finally doing something that I have been wanting to do for such a long time: creating a traveling #cakefriday recipe scrapbook and taking my #cakefriday project around the world!

If you like to participate, link up your blog or website below or just email me at webmaster(at) with your address and )if you have) blog website. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate. You can also visit my Facebook page and leave me a note there.

Before linking up take a minute to check out the rules.

Maronen Törtchen - Chestnut Tart

1. The participants agree to take care of the postage needed to send the scrapbook along (size of book approx. DINA5/medium Moleskine). It’s possible that international postage is required.

2. This project welcomes bloggers, foodies, bakers, friends from around the world; I will organize the route the book is going to travel to make its trip efficent.

3. Each participant shares a favorite baking recipe with pictures and instructions in the book. A pic of the person would also be lots of fun! Maybe you can dedicate a blog post to the “esskunst #CAKEFRIDAY Recipe Scrapbook Project” and spread the word :-)

4. Preferred recipe language is ENGLISH.

5. You are allowed to keep the book for a week.

6. Post a pic of the book on your Facebook page, twitter and/ or blog. You can use the hashtag #cakefriday

7. If the book has arrived in your kitchen let me know you have it via a comunication channel of your liking and I will send you the next address the book is traveling to (via email so your contact info is kept private)

These instructions will also be made available in the book. So no worries :-)

I will post pics of the book and let you guys know where it is during the journey. When the book is back home I am going to share recipes from the book and introduce you to the foodies and their blogs that were part of this journey here on my page and via social media.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.




The link up is open till Feb. 26th 2014 or you can send me your data (email & mailing address via email webmaster(at)

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