Asian Chicken Teriyaki Noodles with Kale

Asia Noodles_Nudeln

Hi guys, it’s Friday night and I needed a quick dinner tonite. I decided I’d go for some Asian food. Michael loves fried noodles and we both enjoy teriyaki-style flavors.

This recipe is fairly easy as you only need some already roasted chicken. Maybe you have some leftovers from a chicken feast? Then you only need some teriyaki sauce, onions, kale and mie noodles. That’s it!

Serves 2-4 people

roasted chicken meat of approx 1 medium sized roasted chicken, chopped
1 medium onion, diced
half white kale (or approx. 1 cup per person), chopped
2-3 cubes of pressed mie noodles, cooked

spices: teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce

In a pan warm up the roasted chicken. Add onions and kale. You won’t need any extra fat as the chicken skin will release enough fat. Add teriyaki and other spices. Let it roast for a few minutes. Add 0.5 cup of water. Let it simmer at medium heat.


In the meantime also cook mie noodles. They will only need a few minutes to be done.
Add noodles to the chicken and combine. You can also spice this dish up using some chili or Asian hot sauce.


Asia Noodles_Nudeln

6 comments to Asian Chicken Teriyaki Noodles with Kale

  • Thanks Jamie for visiting and sharing the recipe on facebook!!

  • Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes

    I love how easy and healthy this is! Thanks for linking up to All My Bloggy Friends this week – I’ll be sharing this on Facebook!

  • Hi Julie, I am a soup person and I love healthy Asian inspired soups.

  • Ja, es ist Weisskohl, aber auch mit Grünkohl schmeckt es bestimmt sehr lecker! Ich hoffe, Du schaust einmal wieder hier vorbei! Vg Christine

  • NOM NOM NOM – voll lecker Christine!! Am really intrigued by your white kale though – ist das Weisskohl?? (Unfortunately even green kale/Grünkohl just isn’t popular here in Brussels…) BTW I LOVE your blog (which I’ve just discovered via Anyonita’s “Tasty Tuesdays link party”) and will now look through all your lovely recipes/Rezepte!

  • Hi, this recipe looks so good and healthy. I saw it on tasty tuesdays.
    Julie from

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