edible gifts: Chocolate Fleur de Sel

chocolate salt

I love making gifts. And what’s better than giving a gift that you have made yourself and comes from your heart. Edible gifts are also fun. They relate to my love of food and yummy treats. This idea also makes a great last minute gift. Just prep some salt, grab a little jar add a bow and card and off you go to the neighbors BBQ!

It’s summer time and we are BBQing a lot. Why not create an easy gift that is BBQ related? And you only need two ingredients!
chocolate salt

You need
rich dark cacoa powder
fleur de sel

The ratio of cacoa and salt is 1/5. Add the cacoa and salt into a little jar. Close it with a lid and just shake it! Done!

You can also add some pepper and turn the cacoa salt into a cacoa spice rub. Chili goes along quite well with cacao, too.

chocolate salt

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