Being a ghost-baker: Fruit Tart #cakefriday week 23


Michael needed a fruit cake/pie/tart for a “fruit-themed” baking challenge in his office. He asked me if I could be his ghost-baker girl. It was fun coming up with an idea for his cake and I decided to go with a passion fruit yogurt tart topped with fresh fruit. I love these kinds of tart yogurt tarts that also come with an extra serving of fruits!

Making the cake is pretty easy actually and you can prepare it one day ahead of time if you are in a time crunch. I started this moring and it only took 20 min to put it together and another 15-20 minutes tonight for decorating.

I used a 26 cm springform for this cake and also did some mini individual cakes for us, too.
The recipe is for one large tart (26 cm springform)

1 round layer of sponge cake to fit your baking pan/springform
I used a store-bought sponge cake this time.

400g (about 2 cups) whipped cream
400g (about 2 cups) low fat plain yogurt
sweetener to taste
12 sheets of gelatin, soaked in water (10 for the filling, 2 for the juice layer on top)
1/2 cup passion fruit juice
2 tbl spoons passion fruit sirup
3 tbl spoons passion fruit/mango jam

1/2 cup passion fruit juice (for top layer)
fresh fruit of your liking

Obstkuchen Joghurt

Place the sponge cake in the pan and spread the jam on the cake. Soak gelatin in cold water.
Whip the cream and mix gently with yogurt.
In a medium saucepan warm the passion fruit juice and sirup and melt the 10 sheets soaked gelatine. Let the mixture cool for a few minutes.
Add the passionfruit gelatine mix to the cream yogurt mix while stiring the mixture continuously. Add sweetener to taste.
Now pour filling into the springform and cool for about 45 min.

Warm the 2nd half cup of juice and melt the remaining gelatine. Let cool of the mix for a few minutes. Then pour the juice over the yogurt layer of the cake. It will form a thin fruity layer after it has cooled off. Put the cake in the fridge for another 60-90min before decorating.

Decorate cake with fresh fruit. You can also add a layer of thin fruit gelatine/jello for a shiny finish.

I will keep you posted on how Michael’s colleagues liked this attempt on a fruit tart. For all of you how are now thinking that M is cheating by having me bake his cake: He’s such a sweetheart and told his colleagues right away that he’ll ask a cake fairy for help. :-)

It’s time for me to hit the hay now. If this is your first time here on the blog: WELCOME! You can also find esskunst on Facebook and Twitter. I’d love to connect with you via social media, too!

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