Cooking for the family with the family!

A few weekends ago Michael and I had a cooking dinner date with Michael’s brother Andreas and his wife Andrea. We enjoy hanging out and cooking together.

This time we had some Miso Soup with silk tofu as a starter. Then Michael made his famous fried Asian noodles and Andrea and I did some roasted duck breast to go with it.

For dessert we had hot raspberries with vanilla ice-cream. Simple desserts are the best!!


Our set-up at Andrea’s & Andi’s kitchen! They have a beautiful large home that they have been remodelling for quite some time now. It turned out very nice and their two new cats Luna and Nelly love there, too!



We also rubbed some dark soy sauce and honey onto the skin to give it a nice flavor. Pan-frying the duck breasts: We started frying on the skin side using at hot pan. You don’t need to add any extra fat as there will be enough fat coming out of the breasts. We then fried the other side for 2 minutes and let the meat cook in a prheated oven (100-120°C) for another 30 minutes.


The duck turned out super crispy and medium light pink inside – just perfect!




Michael’s fried noodles with lots of Asian veg and wonderful Asian spices! I love this dish a lot! It’s fast, easy and versatile. You can add different kinds of meats or fish/ seafood to it; eat it with tofu or just the noodles and veggies. YUM!


Miso soup is a great starter. I doesn’t require much attention and you can dress it up with anything you want. You could even turn it into a Japanese ramen dish by adding noodles and the roasted duck!

We had a very simple version with cubes of silk tofu and spring onions.


Here some more pic’s of our dinner. I was a fun night and I hope that we meet again soon to chat and cook!



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