esskunst edible gifts: Hot Chocolate

A sweet treat makes everybody smile! These homemade hot chocolate disks look pretty cute and you can get creative. It doesn’t take much time putting them together and they make a great edible gift.

You’ll need:

melted chocolate chips
mini marshmallows

Put some paper liners into a muffin mold and put 5 mini marshmallows in each liner. Cover with melted chocolate and spinkle with caramel.

Be creative and use other types of choclate, some mint sirup…


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  • Hi Megan, thanks for sharing your tweaks! I bet the Caramel bits work very well! And slat & caramel is a deadly combo :-)!

    Hi Sue, I actually gave them away with a cute mug. The girl loved it!

    Hope hearing from you both again soon. Are you on facebook? you can find us there, too.

  • Sue

    Wow, nice idea for a last minute gift with a pretty mug and mugrug. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Oh yeah, it made 6 disks

  • So I made them! Yay! And added a little spin…

    6 oz (half a bag) Nestle Milk Chocolate Morsels
    6 oz ^^ Hershey’s Special Dark Morsels
    1/3 cup chopped Kraft Caramel Bits
    30 Mini Marshmallows
    1/2 tsp sea salt

    I followed all of the above directions and melted my chocolate in a small non-stick sauce pan. I hand chopped the caramel bits. And then I sprinkled sea salt to make them into Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate disks :)

    Also, pop them in the freezer for about 10 minutes before you peel off the liners.

  • Hi Megan! Thanks for leaving your note. You’ll need to heat your milk in the microwave or in a pot (2 cups of milk per disk) and let the choc resolve.

    You can use crushed caramel briddle.
    Happy cooking! Christine

  • Megan

    I would love to make this and give it as a gift, but how would the person make the hot chocolate? For instance, how much hot milk should be added? And what kind of caramel should I use?

  • These are so cute! What a fun gift. Can’t wait to make some to give out!

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