Beautiful & Elegant Tarte – Pretty in Pink #cakefriday week 37/2012


I have been longing to bake this cake for quite a while now and here it is! I have to say it’s the cutest and most beautiful cake I have baked so far – I am more a cook than a baker but I’m working on my baking skills.

I have adapted this recipe from a very popular baking magazine that launched two wonderful issues so far. Thanks to “LECKER Bakery” magazine for publishing this great recipe. That cake made me smile today!

Here is their website for those of you who enjoy a German recipe from time to time :-)

I have adapted the recipe slightly and changed the frosting to a simple cream cheese frosting and used less sugar as Michael doesn’t like his cakes that sweet.

So here is my adapted version from “LECKER” Magazine

for the dough

250g soft butter
4 eggs (size large)
50 ml buttermilk
2 tsp baking powder
220g flour
100g wheat starch
red food coloring (next time a go for a purple version!!)

1 cup strawberry or peach jam

for the frosting

120g soft butter
150g powdered sugar
500g cream cheese (half low fat, half full fat)

Mix butter and sugar in a mixing bowl using you kitchen aid or mixer for a couple minutes. Then add the eggs. Mix in one egg at a time; don’t add all at once. Then add the buttermilk.

Preheat your oven to 375°F.

Add flour and starch and mix again. Then seperate the doug into four equal portions. Color the doughs in three different shades of pink and leave one portion as is. I added a little baking powder to the dough portions right before baking them so that the powder will have the best effect.

Butter you cake pan and dust it with some flour. Pour your first dough in and even it out. Bake the first layer for about 20-25 min depending on your oven.
Then follow the procedure with all different layers. Let them cool before assembling.

For the frosting mix up the butter in a mixing bowl. Then add the cream cheese and powdered sugar and combine the ingredients using your mixer.

To assemble the cake start with the darkest layer and spread some jam on it. Repeat this procedure with two more layers and stack them. The last layer will be the lightest in color.

Decorate your cake with the frosting using a piping bag our doing another fancy decor.


Thanks for leaving a comment! Happy baking everyone!

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