Melon Cooler Cocktail

Hi fellow foodies,

Michael is on the go today and I am enjoying a nice Saturday at home by myself. All the housework is mostly done…need to save some for tomorrow :-) and I just made myself a cold fruity drink.

per Serving:

1 cup of diced rock melon
1/2 cup of ice cubes
1/3 cup of watermelon pearls
1 tsp lime juice

slice of lime and mint for decoration

Just blend the candalope and the ice in your blender.Add some lime juice. Put some ice cubes in a fun glass, pour your melon cooler and garnish with the watermelon pearls and mint.


For a fun cocktail with alcohol you may add some Campari for a little bitterness or some sparkling wine. But keep in mind: Booze brings a lot of unwanted calories with it :-)

I loved it and had so much fun taking the pics. I also enjoyed using my margarita glasses from Mexico again! Haven’t used them for a while and they brought up some great memories of one of our trips to Mexico with our American family.

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