Opera & friends: Verona, Italy

Opera + dear friends + good food = awesome weekend

You haven’t heard from me for a few days. Michael and I have been to Verona, Italy for a long weekend. We had Sandra and Markus visiting from Hamburg/ Essen and we had a great time.

Michael and I have been travelling to Verona a few times now to see the opera at the “arena di Verona”. It’s an anual opera festival that takes places in the beautiful old arena in down town Verona. It’s a stunning atmosphere when the opera is being played at night and you are enjoying the music, warm weather and beautifully clear skies above you.

We saw the opera “Romeo and Juliet” by Charles Gounod. The theme fits perfectly because Verona is the home of Romeo and Juliet! You can visit the famous balcony and Juliet’s tomb. The opera itself was a great mix of the traditinal lyrics and a modern play. The actors sang beautifully and we all enjoyed the night very much.

Our hotel was really nice. We stayed in Villafranca di Verona which is about 15 km from Verona downtown. The hotel had a modern flair and typical Italian breakfast. It was just perfect for or short trip. Here is the link to the hotel: Hotel Expo Verona

We also had a giant Italian supermarket right across the street: I love strollig through supermarkets when I am on vacation. We bought some yummy olive oil, risotto rice, some special black rice, spices, dried mushrooms, aperitivo analcoholico,…
Next time I would love to stay in a little apartment with a kitchen so that I can start playing with the food right away!

It’s time to cook some real Italian food now with the “real” stuff at home! :-)

Our favorite restaurant this weekend was la Trattoria El Pirlar in Villafranca di Verona. We found this place by coincidence and loved the food! It’s very traditional: e.g. no dinner before 7pm, the friendly staff doesn’t speak English but they have a small menu written in English.
Our homework till our next trip: learn Italian to order from the daily menu which is only presented to you on request. They had so many awesome dishes on the daily menu that we were pretty jealous when we saw what the local were ordering :-) But our food was great, too. We had homemade pasta with cheeses, polenta with salame, an anchovy dish and traditional Italian lardo and proscuitto. It was heaven!

Here is the link to Trattoria El Pirlar. If you travel to Verona in the future, you may want to stop by!

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