Tag der Sprachen 2014: Lernen mit Rosetta Stone – Review


Heute gibt’s ein kurzes Rosetta Stone Review. – Wie viele Sprachen sprecht Ihr? Ich finde es toll, wenn jemand mehr als nur seine Muttersprache spricht und richtig fließend kommunizieren kann. Mein Englisch ist ganz gut und ich würde mir wünschen, ich hätte nicht das ganze Französisch aus der Schulzeit wieder vergessen.

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CULINARY Travel Diary Rome, Italy

Foto 5

Hi folks,

this post is a culinary summary of our trip to Rome. If you are going to Rome you might want to check out some of the places we’ve visited.

My favorite: Roscioli

Our friend Gaetano (aka Guy) recommended this gem to us. I AM IN LOVE! Roscioli is a cute little restaurant/ . . . → Read More: CULINARY Travel Diary Rome, Italy

Travel Diary: Rome, Italy


Michael and I wanted to go to Rome for a long time but we never went till this summer. Luckily, we had a great tour guide, our friend Robert who has been to Rome several times.

We planned a 4 nights stay; arriving in Rome on a Saturday morning. I will not bore you with . . . → Read More: Travel Diary: Rome, Italy

Côte de Boeuf from your home BBQ & a story from NYC


It may sound crazy but I went grocery shopping for the weekend (yet not so crazy)and was shopping for some ingredients for a dinner with friends (still not so super crazy) but then I found this beautiful piece of meat. Côte de Boeuf.

And it made me think of my best friend Meigan . . . → Read More: Côte de Boeuf from your home BBQ & a story from NYC

Christine in Auckland, NZ

A quick hello from Auckland New Zealand! I have been here for two days now and this Trip has been really nice and work has been good. My New colleagues John & Michelle Tool my out to downtown Auckland yesterday for some tapas Dinner. YUMMY!

We had Little fried squid, pork belly canneloni, goat . . . → Read More: Christine in Auckland, NZ

South-African Melktert – Milktart #cakefriday week 49/2012


Yeah! I am home again! You don’t know how much you love home until you are far away from it for a few weeks or only just a few days. I had a fun and successful business trip to South Africa and was away from home for the last 10 days but I missed home . . . → Read More: South-African Melktert – Milktart #cakefriday week 49/2012

My Personal Cupcake Wars

cupcake trio_klein

It’s me again! I could have started this earlier on my trip but I just had the idea of a little personal cupcake challange. I really enjoy cupcakes especially when they are decorated in a very cool and artistic way. Pumpkin Spice is a new fave of mine closely followed by the classic red velvet . . . → Read More: My Personal Cupcake Wars

The best shake in the world


If you travel to California some time, Southern CA to be precise, you better not miss out this super cool place. I will now tell you about my most favorite places a long the CA coast. Besides Newport Beach, this wonderful beach city right off PCH right in the center of Los Angles and San . . . → Read More: The best shake in the world

esskunst goes “Cupcake Couture”, Manhatten Beach, CA, USA


Today we had a cupcake adventure in Manhattan Beach at Cupcake Couture. Great cupcakes! It was so hard to choose from their great selction.

Andrea and I finally went with

Chocolate Obsession Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake

Sparkling Pumpkin Spice Cupcake on the beach

Our trio

Chocolate Obsession on the beach . . . → Read More: esskunst goes “Cupcake Couture”, Manhatten Beach, CA, USA

esskunst goes NYC, NY


My trip to New York City to meet my dear friend Meigan was so much fun! I only had about 1,5 days with her but we had a blast! Meigan showed me New York from a very special side. We didn’t do the major sights which was totally fine with me as long as we . . . → Read More: esskunst goes NYC, NY