Welcome at esskunst!

What is “esskunst”? esskunst is all about my love of food and interest in nutrition.

Esskunst is a German word that is a marriage of two words: essen = to eat & Kunst = art
You could also translate it with culinary art. But for me “esskunst” equals everything fun, nutritious, healthy and yummy.

With “esskunst” I combine the different working fields I encounter on a daily basis:

Being a nutritionist I enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.
Being an application manager in the food industry I am interested in food related research and development.
Being raised in a wonderful restaurant I was raised to become a real foodie and to enjoy the tasty things life has to offer.

You see, my life evolves around food and “esskunst” is the place to share it with you.

esskunst nutrition counselling – love who you are!

Your nutritionist:

Christine E. A. Geschke
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